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Water Testing!

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Comprehensive Water Testing

Water Testing

Detect pH, Water Hardness & Iron Levels

​Detect Bacteria, Coliform & e-Coli

​Detect Lead, Nitrates & Nitrites

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Stop wondering if your water is safe and clean, and give us a call today to schedule a water testing service with our certified technicians.

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pH Testing


Contaminant Testing


Evaluation & Reporting

Optimal pH Levels

We offer free water testing for minerals to determine the hardness of your water. During our free water tests we detect the pH, hardness, and amount of iron in your water. Your pH levels should be between 6.5 and 8.5.

Although the pH balance, hardness and minerals in your water aren't typically detrimental to your health, they can cause pipe corrosion, bitter tastes in your water, rings in your toilets and sinks, and electric water heater issues.

Harmful Contaminants


Water testing, especially if you have a well, is something that should be conducted regularly. Contaminants like iron and sulfur are easy to pick up. Iron leaves the water a rusty brown color. Sulfur makes it smell bad.

Unfortunately, these are not the only potential contaminants to worry about. Contaminants like lead and arsenic, for example, are only detectable through testing. Other contaminants, such as calcium and magnesium, while they pose no health risks to us, these minerals unfortunately can be quite a nuisance by “hardening” your water, resulting in difficulty with cleaning laundry and with soaps and shampoos failing to lather up.

Finally, water testing is essential in case of dangerous pathogens in your water, making it unsafe to drink. Your water may be completely clear today. However, these contaminants can be introduced to the water table in the runoff from agricultural processes. They could also be present in the soil. Pollution from factories and other commercial operations could also add to this issue.

All it takes is for one small storm to drive inorganic material into your water supply that subsequently decomposes, making for perfect conditions for bacterial growth.


We test for all sorts of contaminants:

  • Bacteria & Viruses: Coliform, e-Coli
  • Cleaning Agents: Ammonia, Chloramine
  • Salts & Acids: Fluoride, Nitrates, Nitrites, Perchlorate
  • Metals: Aluminum, Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Copper, Chromium, Lead, Mercury, Radium, Silver, Uranium
  • ​Conductors: ​Selenium

Charlotte Water Testing

Servicing a 50 Mile Radius Around Charlotte

At Well Doctor we use the most up to date testing techniques. Our skilled team will come out and take a good sample. We then subject it to rigorous testing procedures so that we can find any areas of concern.

The first step towards finding the right treatment method is to know what you’re dealing with. That’s where we come in.

Give us a call, and we’ll check your water thoroughly. We’ll be able to establish:

Whether or not there are contaminants to be concerned about; If the water is safe for drinking and general use; Whether or not you’ll want to consider a softening and/or filtration system; and if the pH balance is correct or not.

You’ll get a complete report on the quality of the water your water.


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