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5 Signs That You Need a Well Pump Installations

well pump repairDo you have enough water supplies to use during the winter and summer seasons? Did you encounter a problem in your well water system? If you are experiencing these problems, then it’s time for you to get a well pump installation for your home. Fortunately, Well Doctor LLC has the capacity, quality services, and skills to install, repair, and maintain the structural integrity of any well water system.

Well water does not just lessen our monthly bills, but it is also one of the safest options since it is not treated with chemicals, unlike other water sources. With a well pump installation system, the water will be pumped up from the well, leading to the pipelines and the faucets. Through this, you will never get worried about water scarcity. But the job behind this good investment is that it needs regular maintenance to preserve its functional capability. If left unattended, possible system problems may arise and result in worst-case scenarios. 

So how can we know that we need a well pump installation

Low Water Supply or No Water At All

Have you ever taken a shower and no water came out? That could be the effect of a well pump problem. Since the well pump serves as a pumping device to boost the water and keep it flowing to the pipelines, low water supply or no water available only means there is a problem with your well pump system. Who won’t get annoyed when we flush the toilet, and no water comes out? Water is an essential element of our life. We often make use of water rather than food. Low water or no water supply can indicate leaks or major damage in the pumping system. Getting the help of an expert to inspect the problem and provide appropriate services would be a great idea.

Air Pipes Cause by Leaks

When you hear a swirling or spitting sound in your faucet when you open the tap, there’s a big possibility of leaks in the pipelines, which causes the sound and slows the water flow. There could also be poor well pump installations, where the system is placed a bit higher than the water level, resulting in slow or poor pumping water and more trapped air. In either of the two scenarios, getting a new well pump installation can be a good choice. 

Pressure Problem or Low Water Level

Have you heard of dribbling noises from your faucet or shower tap? That could indicate a pressure problem in your well pump. Pressure problems can be a nuisance and are the common signs to check. Low water level can also be a result of an incorrect well pump size and mislocation. With the help of our professional plumbers and technicians, we can assess the overall water usage of your home and provide proper well pump installations suited to the home usage. 

Contaminated or Non-Potable Water

Suppose you see sediments, dirts, or other substances that can be harmful to humans. In that case, there’s a big possibility that your pump is so powerful that it even pulls the unnecessary elements in the water surface. If the water’s appearance is quite dark or has a brownish look, that can indicate contamination in the water. A broken well pump filtration system may cause that or the well pump is installed incorrectly, so it can’t block or filter the materials and harmful substances present in the water. Either case should be fixed immediately to avoid future damage and accidents. 

Faulty or Worn Out Pump

Of course, if your well pump is quite old and is already worn out, getting a new well pump installation can be a good idea. Our well pump usually gets faulty problems and eventually worn out because of major pumping problems like faulty pressure control, leakages in the suction line, and damaged pipelines. When things go overboard, it will be much better to fix the problem as early as possible to avoid future and major damage that can be difficult to manage. 

Don’t ignore minor signs of a faulty well pump. Get it fixed through Well Doctor LLC, the best well pump installation company for your home needs! Call us and schedule a well pump inspection. Your well pump problems will be solved in no time. Call us now!

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