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Well Pump Repair Boone NC

Now Proudly Serving Boone NC & the Greater Charlotte Area!

Our Industry Leading Warranty Features:

10 years on submersible pumps and tanks

5 years on jet pumps

10 years on water filtration systems

Warranty includes parts and labor!

Our Family of Companies:

Family-Owned & Operated

We are a small, family owned and operated local well pump repair business, and we pride ourselves on treating our customers like family.
Ask about our discounts for teachers, veterans, senior citizens and first responders!

Well Pump Repair Boone NC Service - Helping you get fresh, clean well water 24/7

Emergency No-Water Service - available around the clock for all issues pertaining to your well

  • Are you searching for well pump service? Our technicians are skilled in repairs, replacements, and installations.
  • Available and at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Boone, NC or wherever you need us.
  • Our professional crew is licensed, bonded and highly rated - check out our reviews and call for a free estimate!
  • We have the best reviews, and are committed to serving our community.

Well Doctor - Well Pump Repair Charlotte NC - Well Inspections, Well Drilling Charlotte NC

With countless satisfied customers, we know what it takes to keep safe wells in operation. Our emergency service is unique, and we have what you need to keep the well running efficiently.

In this field of work, there is an abundance of technology involved, and mishaps can lead to more serious problems if left unchecked. An issue with a pump or a burst pipe is a common problem that homeowners experience with their wells, and you shouldn’t wait to contact our team for assistance. Our professionals provide water well repair Indian Trail NC and maintenance services within 24 hours of your call because we understand how important it is to have access to clean drinking water in any home or business.

Well Doctor LLC will respond timeously to your call and help you repair the damage as quickly as possible to prevent further problems with the system. We won’t make you wait around for days without water—we understand that clean water is a basic human right, and this is one emergency service that you need to be reliable and prompt.

If you want proof of our commitment to this end, feel free to peruse our customer reviews online. There are various testimonies about the quality of our work, and we are rated as one of the top well contractors in Boone, NC, and the surrounding areas.

Our emergency service is quick and professional, with many options for how you want to approach the well repair or replacement. We offer a no-water emergency service in which our team comes out to your property immediately when you have no running water.

Our friendly professionals find immediate or temporary solutions for the well repair—you will have running water immediately, and we’ll return at a later point if more serious repairs or replacements appear necessary.

Contact Well Doctor LLC today for any emergency well repair in Boone, NC.

Water Pump Supplier - Offering 24/7 emergency service!

Well Pump Repair Boone NC - Get your water running again in no time!

  • We can provide top notch well services in Boone, NC & nearby areas.
  • Highly rated, professional service and always available for emergency calls
  • Need a price quote now? Call or fill out the form on our website, and we'll respond within 24 hours
  • Our contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured

Well Doctor - Well Pump Repair Charlotte NC - Leak Repairs

The pump is at the heart of your well system, and it plays a vital role in how efficiently the mechanism operates. Getting the right pump fitted into your system enables you to enjoy a perfect flow of clean water for longer, but the wrong choice will have you spending hard-earned dollars on maintenance.

Determining the most suitable pump for your system considers several factors. For example, you have to know the right type, size, and casting for the pump to make sure that you select a supported system. Making this decision would be an extremely challenging task without a deep knowledge of the components and processes, and we’d recommend speaking to our professionals. Rather, opt for our well-drilling contractor in Boone, NC, that has years of experience in selecting the ideal irrigation well pump for your needs.

Irrigation pumps are also a significant part of our product range, and our professionals have extensive experience in these variations. It is used to pump water from lower levels to higher ones, or where the water is distributed through narrow channel systems to the areas which require irrigation.

Determining the best type of pump for you is not even the most challenging part—installation wins in that department. Our well pump services in Boone, NC, include having our technicians install the pump for you.

For well pump repair services and booster pump installation, our team will inspect your pump and look for warning signs of a defective pump, like dirty water or air coming out of the faucet. If you do notice these signs, please inform our service team and let us take care of the problem for you.

If you are in need of an emergency well pump repair, installation touch-up, or a new well pump, contact Well Doctor LLC for the best water treatment services in Boone, NC.

Home Inspector - Let us assess your well water before you make a purchase

Well Inspections - Residential & Commercial properties

  • Read our reviews to see what our customers are saying.
  • Highly rated as the best home well inspection company in the area, and nearby counties.
  • We offer top notch, 24 hour emergency service for those that have no water.
  • If you need an estimate for your well, call now!
  • Providing professional services for your home or business.

well pump repair Charlotte

Most property owners take responsibility for the upkeep of the place, taking the time to inspect faulty plumbing, defective roofing, or other warning signs that repairs are needed. Most have never taken the same effort with the water supply, however.

It is an aspect of any residential or commercial property that can easily fall through the cracks, especially if you have a well. The lack of attention in this area is not surprising when you consider how complicated it can be to get to the source of your water.

An inspection of the water supply is not an easy task, and it is a lengthy process. A lot of tests must be done for the presence of lead or bacteria in the well. If there is contamination, you will need to take proper measures, which is beyond most property owners without experience in this area.

It’s an excellent reason to hire our certified professional to take care of the home inspection job for you. Well Doctor will inspect your well and rectify any contamination.

The decontamination process generally takes up to two weeks.

Our licensed Well Doctor professionals assist you throughout the evaluation and water testing to check for contaminants. We are fully equipped to service and sanitize the well, replacing or repairing any defective equipment within the system. After the water treatment process is complete, our team will inform you when the water from your well is safe to drink again.

Safe and clean drinking water is essential for your family’s health. It is not worth the risk of avoiding the problem or having an inexperienced person try to take care of your well inspection in Boone, NC. Well Doctor is the solution, and we will ensure that the water you are consuming is pure.

Water Purification Company - Protect your loved ones … ensure your drinking water is clean!

Well Chlorinations (AKA - "Well Shocking")

  • Your search for "well chlorination near me" ends here!
  • We are located in Boone, North Carolina, and provide the 24-hour service to residents and businesses nearby.
  • Our company is licensed, insured, and local

well service salisbury nc

Our Well Doctor LLC professionals have decades of experience in well chlorination and shocking, and we have helped countless property owners with their wells in Boone.

It is well worth the effort to ensure your home’s water supply is safe. Water naturally contains bacteria and other contaminants, which makes decontamination necessary for any well on your property. Safe drinking water should be a priority for everyone—water is a necessity, and the purity of your source directly affects the quality of your life.

One of the simplest steps you can take to purify your water source is a well chlorination. In this process, your well is treated with chlorine, which kills bacteria and all sorts of other contaminants in the water, making it safe for consumption.

Our team has years of experience in well shocking and uses the latest techniques. It isn’t a simple process, and our professionals are careful to ensure they maintain the perfect balance.

You need to ensure you introduce a certain amount of chlorine in the water so that it is effective as a decontaminant but too much for it to be harmful to those who drink it. You also need to be aware of the correct holding time of the chlorine in the water for the treatment to be a success.

We chlorinate your water after tests and find the balance to avoid recontamination. Our team will notify you when we add any chlorine and monitor your well until it is neutralized. We run more tests at the end of the process to ensure that no contaminants remain.

Well Doctor will take care of the whole chlorination process for you, including the safety precautions around the water source. You will soon be able to enjoy safe drinking water without safety hazards or the taste of excess chlorine in your water.

Water Filter Supplier - For both residential and commercial property owners.

Water Filtration System Installation - Let our certified technicians handle it for you

  • Needing a professional quote for your water filtration installation system? Call today!
  • We provide free estimates and the best service to nearby homeowners and commercial properties.
  • Certified, Licensed, and Trusted - Read our reviews online!

well water treatment near me

If you need professional help with installing your water filtration system, then you have come to the right place. Well Doctor LLC is a premier contractor for water filter system installation in Boone.

The most common problem that wells present in excess impurities in the filtration system. It is common for sand, dirt, soil, and even microorganisms to find their way inside the mechanism. With time, these contaminants accumulate, damaging the water lines and tanks and risking the quality of the drinking water in the household.

The impurities in your water system have an adverse effect on your health, and it is not safe to consume this water when the system isn’t functioning effectively. Long term, this kind of exposure can lead to serious health complications and a compromised immune system.

Well Doctor LLC has the solution in our impressive water filtration systems. It tackles the problem directly, resulting in crystal clear, pure drinking water. The filters in the system work hard to keep out any impurities that travel through the line or tank, and it easily delivers clean water to your faucets.

Don’t suffer the headache of picking a suitable filtration system and attempting to install it. Just the effort of searching for a suitable filtration system online will have your head spinning—there are thousands of products with numerous technologies, including water softeners, carbon filters, reverse osmosis, and endless possibilities.

Skip the hassle with the professionals at Well Doctor LLC. We have extensive knowledge of each of the technologies available, and our reliable filtration systems are tried and tested to provide you with clean water. Our team takes your filtration needs into account before we recommend the best filtration system options, and we take you through each detail before you commit to a final choice.

Water Treatment Supplier - We remove harmful bacteria, sulfur & more!

Water Testing - Do you know what's in your water?

  • Check us out on Google and read our reviews.
  • We are located in Boone and provide professional 24 hour emergency no water services.
  • It can be difficult sometimes to find a licensed and certified contractor nearby. That's where we come in...
  • We cover all of Boone and surrounding areas, and repair all types of wells.

well water testing Charlotte NC

Well Doctor LLC gives the residents of Boone, NC, and surrounding areas an opportunity to enjoy the purest water available. When your well is installed, repaired, and maintained by our experienced professionals, it runs at maximum capacity for years to come.

If you have a well, you need to ask yourself how much you know about the water that you’re taking from it. It is common for well owners to assume that the water in their well is safe for consumption if it looks relatively clear, but impurities don’t necessarily change the color or clarity of the water.

Over time, the well will be exposed to impurities that contaminate the water, and it is essential to conduct water testing on a regular basis to avoid illnesses and other complications.

Our team of professionals will take into account three critical elements in your water: hardness, pH-levels, and iron.


If your water is “harder” than usual, it affects various aspects of daily life. For example, it may result in washed clothes feeling itchy or prevent hair from looking shiny and fresh after a shower.


The aspect that determines the acidic or alkaline levels in water is the pH level. Low pH results in acidic water, which tastes bitter. High pH is due to the presence of alkaline, and it tastes corrosive or sour.


If there are high levels of iron in the water, it has a metallic aftertaste.

Well Doctor LLC will ensure that all three of these components are at an optimal level so that the water is safe for you and your family to drink and use in the kitchen. Once testing is complete, the service team treats the problem using the latest techniques and technology; and we monitor these levels to ensure it remains balanced. Contact us today for your well water treatment needs.

Well Doctor LLC

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About Boone, NC

Boone is a booming town in Watauga County, North Carolina, with an estimated population of 17,200. The town is home to the Appalachian State University, a reason many consider it a mini-college town. The student body of the university contributes heavily to the current population and the town’s entertainment scene.

Boone, NC, is known for its ruggedness, having been founded by David Boone, a well-known explorer. The area surrounding the town offers some of the best outdoor experiences in the entire state, and rafting and kayaking are spectacular along the river that runs through the town.

Call Well Doctor today for well pump repair in Boone, NC.

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