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How Much Does It Cost To Repair Water Damage In A House?

To have safe drinking water for your home is everybody’s top priority. But to maintain the ongoing safety of your water, check for any pollutants, and good regular maintenance is necessary. Here at Well Doctor LLC, we can help you achieve your desire for safe water with our quality well repair company.


The typical cost to get your well pump working again is between $350 and $1,500. However, the price to repair a well pump might range from $100 to $2,750. Even while it looks like a significant price difference for this repair, it is due to labor and well pumps part prices.

Here is a breakdown of the expenditures related to well pump repairs. 


A professional plumber typically charges a flat price of $100 to $150 in addition to $50 per hour. Therefore, you should budget about $100 per hour or double their initial charge if you need your pump fixed on the weekend or after business hours. 

On the other hand, some businesses impose a flat fee, which is often equal to 50% of the project’s overall cost. Hire a well pump repair business to get a precise estimate of the cost of this project.

Pump Parts for Well 

You can anticipate spending $10 to $500 per part, depending on the item that needs to be repaired.

It’s time to consider well pump repair when your water pressure is nearly nonexistent, when you begin a load of laundry or when you’re prepared to take a soothing bath, but nothing comes out. The cost varies depending on the component you need to get your well pump pumping once more, but the average price in the country for this task is $900.


If you’re wondering what a well repair company can include in their well-water repair services for you, here’s a list you can take note of:

Repairing Water Lines

Unfortunately, water line problems can still happen in wells. Here are the primary reasons for water line issues that you should be aware of.

  • Collected sediment or bacteria that clogs pipes 
  • The ground movement that results in pipe cracks or bursts 
  • animal harm 

You can be dealing with poor water pressure, contaminated water, or even no water at all, depending on how severe the damage is. We advise routine maintenance because it might be difficult to detect leaks in your water well. Call for help from a well repair company before a problem becomes a leak. They can immediately identify it.

Fixing a water pump 

Although having water well has advantages, one would be not having to maintain or replace a water pump. In addition to being complex, pumping water into the house might be expensive and unpredictable.

The deep-well submersible pump will need to be removed from the well to be repaired, as well as any piping and pumping equipment connected to it. Motorized pumps have an impeller, and there is likely also a check valve to prevent back-flow, as well as a tailpipe attached to the bottom of the pump to stop it from turning.

Repairs of water tanks

When doing regular water well repair inspections, water pressure tanks should be checked because they are complex systems. How is it done? Here’s a short explanation of the process of repairing the water tank:

  • Depending on where and why the leak is happening, the water tank may need to be repaired. Draining the system, disassembling, cleaning, and drying the parts, then reassembling with an appropriate pipe sealant or, in some instances, Teflon tape, may be able to fix leaks at threaded fittings. 

However, it would be best if you prepared to consider replacing the water tank as quickly as possible. Other leakages caused by rusting and fracturing water tanks can be temporarily repaired.

Water Chlorination 

Across the well’s lifespan, there may be some microbial contamination. A chlorine treatment might be the best approach to restore the clarity of your water if it has turned unclear or foggy due to a significant amount of rain, your annual water tests reveal the presence of bacteria, or you discover other signs of bacteria. Chlorine sanitization of your well is an excellent approach to ensure that your water systems are in good working order.


A plumber takes care of your home’s water and sewer lines, but an expert well repair company goes after the root of the problem. Instead of attempting do-it-yourself well pump repairs, consult a professional to address your low water pressure problems or other irregularities with your water.

Here are several reasons why calling a well-repair company for your well-water issues is essential.

  • Reliable Service – No matter what pumping system you are using, a skilled plumber will find a solution for you. In addition, a well pump repair specialist is an expert in designing and operating various water pump components. 

With their years of experience and knowledge of the issues that might arise with various pumps, they can identify the underlying causes and develop a long-term solution.

  • Savings – Many consumers fall into the desire to save a little money by solving their pump repair problems themselves. They don’t understand that pump repair specialists are the field experts. There are various components to a well pump. 

A specialist only understands the purpose and operation of these components. When troubleshooting a faulty pump, taking the wrong action could result in serious issues that require expensive repairs.

  • Safety – Making your failing pump’s service life shorter by trying to fix it on your own can raise safety issues. A short circuit might happen if a repair is done on a pump incorrectly. Why risk the security of yourself and your family? Get a professional on your side rather than attempting to handle things on your own.

If you have existing well problems, look no further because Well Doctor LLC is prepared to help you. We will identify your issue as soon as possible and give you reasonable repair choices designed just for you. Call our team, and we will bring you the safety you deserve!

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