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Bost Grist Mill

The current Bost Grist Mill was built in the early 1800s (around 1810). At the time, the mill was a key supplier of flour and cornmeal in southern Cabarrus County. To date, it still processes and supplies produce to Cabarrus and its neighboring communities.

Here are a few more interesting facts about Bost Grist Mill:

  • Before moving to its current address at 4701 Hwy 200, Concord, Bost Grist Mill was located on the banks of the Rocky River.
  • Asides from supplying flour and cornmeal, Bost Grist Mill is a central marketplace for the southern Cabarrus community.
  • Bost Grist Mill is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The mill still uses many of its original milling equipment, stones, and techniques used to process grains in the 1800s.
  • The most popular artifact that’s still in use in the mill is the 48-inch French Buhr Millstone. It was treasured equipment in the old days because it was much tougher and efficient than locally made granite grinding stones.
  • The mill is open for special tours and events like weddings.
  • Admission into the mill is free.
  • The Rocky River powers a lot of the mill’s machinery and is a key source of water for the mill.
  • In the past, the mill’s water wheel could generate up to 15 horsepower, which was enough to process about 150 bushels a day.
  • The current Bost Grist Mill was modified in 1908 after severe weather damaged it—The mill’s foundation was partly washed away by a flood caused by a storm.
  • Following the damage of the 1908 storm, local residents helped the Bost family reconstruct and relocate the mill 200 yards up and away from the Rocky River. This was because the mill was important to the area’s economy and food supply, and they couldn’t risk losing it.
  • The Battle of Bost Grist Mill is a civil war reenactment hosted on the grounds of Bost Grill Mill almost every year.
  • The closest landmark to Bost Grist Mill is the St. Paul United Methodist Church.

Via Mt Pleasant Rd S, Bost Grist Mill is a 10-minute drive (7.7 miles) to Well Doctor in Mount Pleasant.

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