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Buffalo Creek Preserve

The Buffalo Creek is a nature preserve that was carved out of oak-savanna, farmlands, and parts of Adams Creek. Here are some more interesting facts about the preserve:

  • It is home to the Buffalo Creek Preserve Trail. A 2.1-mile one-way trail that’s popular among hikers and is situated near Mount Pleasant, North Carolina.
  • The Catawba Lands Conservancy is responsible for managing the Buffalo Creek Preserve Trail.
  • Bird watching enthusiasts are fans of the Buffalo Creek Preserve because it’s home to a variety of bird species. The most popular birds on the preserve are the Grasshopper Sparrow and Northern Shrike.
  • Asides from hiking enthusiasts, the Buffalo Creek Preserve is also popular for its scenic running and mountain biking opportunities.
  • Pets are allowed on the preserve as long as they stay on a leash, but motorized vehicles like ATVs, RVs aren’t allowed.
  • Traversing Buffalo Creek Preserve’s moderately difficult hiking trail takes visitors along farm fields where hay and grains are grown. The hike then goes through a young forest before following a steep bank over Adams Creek.
  • Buffalo Creek Preserve covers about 393 acres of land. Within that land, there are protected streams, ponds, wetlands, agricultural fields, and natural forests.
  • The Buffalo Creek Trail is a part of the Butterfly Highway. The Butterfly Highway is a North Carolina conservation restoration initiative aimed at restoring indigenous pollinator habitats.
  • The trail is also a part of the Carolina Thread Trail—a system of local trails that span more than 250 miles.
  • Routine controlled forest fires are commonly used by the North Carolina Forestry Service and other agencies to create habitats for bird species and other wildlife, as well as promote the growth of warm-season grasses.
  • Buffalo Creek Preserve visitors are allowed to park at the western trailhead parking lot, which is also one of the preserve’s access points.

Well Doctor to Buffalo Creek Preserve is a 5-minute, 2.2-mile drive via Mt Pleasant Rd S. Back to Homepage.

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