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Cauble Creek Vineyard

Cauble Creek Vineyard was the 100th vineyard to be established in North Carolina, the tenth-largest grape producing state in the US. Here are some other interesting facts about this increasingly popular winery:

  • Cauble Creek Vineyard is located in Salisbury, within the Piedmont Region of North Carolina.
  • The vineyard is part of the Cauble estate and consists of 36 acres of land.
  • It is surrounded by farmlands, which have been passed down from generation to generation of Caubles.
  • The composition of the natural red soils on the Cauble property and the weather of the area contribute significantly to the unique taste of the wines produced by the winery.
  • William Yost is the owner of Cauble Creek Vineyard.
  • Cauble Creek Vineyard’s specialty is growing and processing native Muscadine grapes, which are used in their wine production.
  • The vineyard was created in 2006 and has experienced significant growth every year since its inception.
  • Grapes grown on the Cauble property and Vinifera grapes from a neighboring estate are used to make the vineyard’s wines. The most popular wine types are Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Malbec, Petite Verdot, and Viognier.
  • The winery’s Red Wines are made from the Nobles Grapes, while their White Wines are made from Doreen Bronze and Carlos Grapes. Their Blush Wines combine all three grape types – Nobles, Carlos, and Doreen Grapes.
  • Natural springs flow under the vineyard and throughout the surrounding area. It provides excellent watering for cultivating grapes and other produce.
  • Cauble Creek Vineyard’s specialty Muscadine wines have won several awards over the years.
  • The winery offers wine tasting tours that take guests on a scenic tour of the winery and an opportunity to try out their Muscadine wines, as well as a selection of dry wines, non-alcohol ciders, and grape juices.
  • Cauble Creek Vineyard can also be booked for meetings, events, weddings, and private parties.
  • The vineyard hosts the North Carolina Muscadine Festival every year.

Via Jake Alexander Blvd S and NC-150 W/Mooresville Rd, Well Doctor LLC is a 21-minute, 11-mile drive to Cauble Creek Vineyard.

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