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China Grove Roller Mill

China Grove Roller Mill is located at China Grove in Rowan County. It is a famous roller mill that was constructed in 1903. Some other interesting facts about this historic mill include:

  • The mill is a three-story brick building with a rectangular shape. Over the years, several modifications and additions have been added to it.
  • Even though the building itself has undergone a variety of modifications, the mill still uses its original milling machinery.
  • In 1983, China Grove Mill was added to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • The Historical Society of South Rowan initially managed China Grove Mill, but it is now under the care of the Rowan Museum.
  • Aside from housing the roller mill, the China Grove Roller Mill is also used by the town’s agricultural community as a meeting place.
  • The mill contains a museum that exhibits artifacts, pictures, and a video which showcases the history of China Grove and the mill.
  • The China Grove Roller Mill was continuously active for over a hundred years.
  • Farmers from other towns visited the mill to not only process their grain but also to buy and sell their produce and other farm necessities. It was also a hub for socialization among China Grove locals and people from neighboring communities.
  • Volunteers from within and outside China Grove accomplished the current restoration of the China Grove Mill.
  • The Historical Society of South Rowan, formerly the Historical Society of China Grove, became chartered in 1989. In November 1996, it acquired the China Grove Roller Mill to maintain the heritage of South Rowan.
  • There are plans to add a new exhibit to the China Grove Roller Mill that focuses on new agricultural innovations.
  • The China Grove Police Department is just a minute away from the China Grove Roller Mill.

Via Mt Hope Church Rd, the Mill is a 20-minute, 11-mile drive away from Well Doctor’s offices in Granite Quarry.

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