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Historic Rosedale Plantation

Set in nine lush acres of Charlotte countryside, the historic Rosedale plantation oozes natural beauty. In the early days, it was just another settlement. Today, it is a vibrant oasis that lives side by side with modern development.

The historic house has recreated a blacksmith shoo, blooming gardens that give visitors the chance to reflect on life in times past. It goes beyond that, however, inviting them to explore its fertile grounds and the nearby Big Tree Museum.

For the better part of its history, the Rosedale property was used as a farmhouse with hundreds of acres of arable land. Five generations cultivated the fields and harvested timber from its trees. The Frews, the Caldwells, and Davidsons all left an enduring mark on the plantation and transformed it into a sustainable property.

Boxwood was planted here in 1815. Garlic still sprouts and rambling roses dot the fields and gardens.

One attraction that still stands in front of the main house is a storied mulberry tree, a reminder of the failed silkworm ventures of Dr. Caldwell. On this historic ground, you’ll also find treasure trees. A Chinese Parasol Tree stands to the right of the drive. It was planted in the 1950s.

Walking further up the driveway, you will also see a Green Ash tree, and under its shade, a Sassafras. Just before the Visitor’s Center to the right of the drive stands a grand Swamp Chestnut Oak dating to 1894, a rare species for this location.

As you move past the grand oak, you will are welcomed by old relics of Osage Orange Trees, which caught fire in the 1960s. Somehow, they survived, continuing a heritage that goes back to 1857. In the formal gardens, you will also find Oriental Arborvitae, a beautiful tree that was originally used to divide the main garden from the little garden.

Guided tours on the 15-room home are available on Tuesday through Friday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm for $2. On its vast lawns, you can host weddings, corporate events, and other themed private gatherings.

Get to Historic Rosedale Plantation from Well Doctor LLC in 35 minutes by following the NC-49S for 29.2 miles.

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