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Lazy 5 Ranch

The Lazy 5 Ranch is a privately-owned animal park located in Piedmont, North Carolina. Some interesting facts about the ranch:

  • Henry Hampton is the owner of the Lazy 5 Ranch, and he’s responsible for its management. He is popular across the States for his experience with handling exotic animals.
  • The zoo is operated entirely without federal or state funding.
  • Lazy 5 Ranch was opened on May 22, 1993.
  • The zoo started with a staff of five, two operating wagons for carrying guests, and two buildings.
  • Presently, the Lazy 5 Ranch is home to over 700 animals from all across the world.
  • Animals at the zoo can be watched by guests while riding in a horse-drawn wagon.
  • Guests also have the option to tour the ranch from within the comfort of their own car. It makes for an interesting three-and-a-half-mile safari ride.
  • The Lazy 5 Ranch is contributing to the ecosystem by trying to bring back endangered species, such as the Ring-tailed Lemur, the Grevy Zebra, and the Scimitar Horned Oryx.
  • Touring the Lazy 5 Ranch on the wagon ride takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour. If touring with your own car, the trip through the ranch typically takes about 3 hours.
  • The entire ranch sits upon about 185 acres of land.
  • Visitors are allowed to have up-close encounters with a variety of animals, including big cats.
  • Asides from the drive-through, there are walk-through areas and petting zoos.
  • Lazy 5 Ranch also features a playground, picnic area, and gift shop.
  • In early 2019, Lazy 5 Ranch was fined thousands of dollars for the mistreatment of some of their exotic animals. The ranch has settled the case with the payment of a $20,000 fine.

If taking NC-150 E, Well Doctor in Mooresville is a 25-minute, 10.9-mile drive to Lazy 5 Ranch.

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