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Race City Escapes

Race City Escapes is a popular escape room experience in Mooresville, North Caroline. Aside from being close to Lake Norman, here are some other interesting facts about this escape room company:

  • Race City Escapes allows up to ten people to be trapped in one of their escape rooms. The team will then figure out how to escape the room by solving puzzles and riddles.
  • Escaping the room involves working as a team and using wits to solve puzzle boxes, locks, cryptic clues, cryptograms, and other brain teasers.
  • The escape room experience lasts for 60 minutes, but participants can choose to leave the room whenever they want.
  • The winners of Race City Escapes are those that find a way out of the room with the aid of the clues before the 60-minute time limit expires.
  • Race City Escapes is open to visitors on every day of the week, except Mondays.
  • No Alcohol or smoking is allowed within Race City Escapes.
  • Groups going into a Race City Escape room can consist of as few as two people or as many as ten.
  • Every Race City Escape Room is family-friendly, which makes them suitable for children and adults alike
  • The most popular escape games at Race City Escapes are:
  1. The Race Ruse– a medium difficulty game that requires players to escape from a garage that they’ve been locked in by a rival racer.
  2. Cosmic Challenge– a medium difficulty game with a maximum capacity of six people. The goal of the game is to escape an alien abduction and save the human race.
  • Race City Escapes can also be booked for private events such as team-building exercises, birthdays, parties, and other celebrations

Well Doctor in Mooresville is a 3-minute, 0.9-mile drive to Race City. Or you could get there in 18 minutes on foot via Raceway Drive.

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