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Smith Lake

Smith Lake is a small farm in Georgeville, North Carolina that was operated and managed by Bernie Smith until his passing.

The farm is still operational with thousands of acres of hay. Asides from cultivating and selling hay, Smith Lake is popular for a variety of other activities. Such as:

  • There are ten trails around Smith Lake with a combined length of 12 miles.
  • All the trails are well-marked and groomed to ensure easy traversing, making them ideal for family outings with children of all ages.
  • Most of the trails go through shaded woods, dirt roads, and hayfields.
  • Dogs are allowed within the farm, but only in certain areas. There’s even Retriever Training available to interested dog owners.
  • Horseback riding is also allowed on certain trails within the farm.
  • The most popular trails on Smith Lake are Smith Lake Trail, Mock Trail, Woodpile Trail, Rabbit Trail, Smith Lake Flyers, Pine Tree Trail, Little Pond Trail, Lakeside Trail, and Saddlebred Trail.
  • Within Smith Lake, there are three sizeable ponds open for fishing, but it’s recommended that fishers on the farm practice catch and release.
  • The ponds are stocked each year with catfish, bream, bass, and carp.
  • Hunting is allowed within Smith Lake, but the use of live rounds isn’t permitted, and a valid hunting license is required by North Carolina Wildlife regulations.
  • There’s a large picnic shelter that visitors can use. It is commonly used for reasonably large parties, family get-togethers, and similar events.
  • Bernie Smith Aerodrome is also on the farm. Pilots usually come around once a month to fly toy airplanes and perform air shows.
  • A $10 admission fee is required to ride the horse trails at Smith Lake.

Via Mt Pleasant Rd S and Barrier Store Rd, Smith Lake is a 9-minute (6-mile) drive to Well Doctor in Mt Pleasant.

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