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Southern Grace Distilleries

Southern Grace Distilleries became a licensed distillery in September 2014. It is located just outside Concord, North Carolina.

Here are some interesting facts about this distillery:

  • Before its current location, Southern Grace Distilleries was located in a 2,000-square foot abandoned cotton mill in the county seat of Concord.
  • The company relocated its operations to inside Mt Pleasant Prison, a penal institution that was shut down in 2011.
  • Before it was shut down, Mt Pleasant Prison could hold 200 to 400 inmates within its 21.5-acre compound.
  • Leanne Powell is the President and CEO of Southern Grace Distilleries. She’s also the distillery’s co-owner alongside Thomas Thacker.
  • Southern Grace Distilleries is the first distillery in the US to operate out of an abandoned prison.
  • The distillery offers day and night tours, which include whiskey tasting and a tour of the entire complex.
  • Southern Grace Distilleries are the creators of Zero Dark 130, Sun Dog 130 Small Batch, Sun Dog Apple Dumplin’, and Sun Dog Pink Lemonade.
  • Sun Dog Pink Lemonade won platinum at the SIP Awards. The Berlin International Spirits Competition also crowned it the Spirited Lemonade of the Year.
  • Sundog 130 has won two gold medals. One at the San Diego Spirits Competition, and another at the Fifty Best American Whiskeys Competition.
  • Sun Dog Apple Dumplin’ won silver at the North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition.
  • Southern Grace Distilleries’ Conviction bourbon won gold at the Micro Liquor awards in California. It also won two Gold Medals at the Fifty Best Bourbon competition in New York.
  • Every week, Southern Grace Distilleries creates about 1,200 bottles of corn whiskey.
  • Every bottle from the company is hand-labeled. Each label carries the bottle’s barrel number, bottle number, and the date it was bottled.

By road, via NC-73 W, Southern Grace Distilleries is a 2-minute, 1.4-mile drive to Well Doctor.

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