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Walnut Creek Park

Walnut Creek Park, which is a part of the Twelve Mile Creek Trail, extends from Waxham, North Carolina into Lancaster, South Carolina.

Here is a little more information about this beautiful park:

  • The North Carolina segment of the Twelve Mile Creek Trail is a mixture of paved and natural surface. It also features sidewalks and boardwalks.
  • There is a 170-foot suspension bridge that connects Twelve Mile Creek Trail in North Carolina to a segment of the trail in South Carolina.
  • Twelve Mile Creek Trail is part of the Carolina Thread Trail System. Its construction was funded by county matching funds and with grants.
  • Walnut Creek Park’s easy terrain is commonly used for running, hiking, and paved surface biking.
  • Much of the park is also handicap-friendly.
  • The park features a 1.4-mile, one-way hiking trail. This trail is made up of a 0.6-mile segment in the Town Creek Park and a 0.8-mile section in the Millbridge area.
  • The Millbridge segment of Walnut Creek Park’s links to H.C. Nesbit Park where the parking lot is located.
  • There’s also parking at Walnut Creek Park’s southern trailhead.
  • Walnut Creek Park’s trail has large trees bordering it in the north and west. Portions of it are also surrounded by a grassy meadow.
  • An important landmark in the park is a log cabin in the southern part of its premises.
  • No fees are charged for entry into the park.
  • Pets are allowed into Walnut Creek Park as long as they are on a leash.
  • Motorized vehicles such as RVs and ATVs are not allowed within the park.
  • There are no restroomswithin the park.
  • Walnut Creek Park is open from dawn to dusk.

If taking NC-75 W, the Walnut Creek Park is an 8-minute, 4.2-mile drive from the Well Doctor branch office in Waxhaw.

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