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Zootastic Park

Zootastic Park is located on Pilch Rd, Troutman, North Carolina. It is a privately-owned and funded walk-around zoo that people can visit to interact with a wide variety of exotic animals from around the world.

Here are some other interesting tidbits about this zoo:

  • The park is open to guests on all days of the week.
  • Scottie Brown is the founder and owner of Zootastic Park.
  • Even though it’s a walk-around park, Zootastic Park also offers wagon rides. The cost of the wagon ride is included in the entry fee.
  • Some of the most popular animals in the zoo are tigers, lions, giraffes, and primates. There are also domesticated animals in the petting zoo section of the park.
  • Guests can pay extra for an hour or 15-minute long one-on-one experience with some of the animals. This experience can include petting a big cat cub.
  • A 60-minute Safari Encounter with baby animals is also offered. It consists of an hour-long safari ride that brings guests in direct contact with lemurs, armadillos, kangaroos, and so on.
  • Also offered at the park is a Safari with Giraffes, Safari with Spider Monkeys, Safari with Servals, and Safari with Two-Toed Sloths. Each safari gives guests a personal experience with the primary listed animal and other animals.
  • The Safari with Tigers is the most popular safari offered at Zootastic Park. Guests get to play with a baby tiger and also get one-on-one time with lemurs, a kangaroo, and an armadillo.
  • All safari admission tickets cover up to five people.
  • Zootastic Park welcomes field trips from day camps, schools, daycares, churches, mom’s groups, scouts, and other parties.
  • Field trips have to be booked ahead. It gives visiting groups access to the wagon ride, a walkthrough of the zoo, the petting zoo, lunch facilities, and more.
  • Birthday parties and camping are all possible on Zootastic Park’s grounds.
  • Zootastic Park is also willing to bring its zoo to guests. Booking the Zoo 2 Go package will bring Zootastic’s trainers and animals to your home or other preferred location or event.
  • Several complaints have been lodged against Zootastic Park by PETA. The park was charged a $7,450 fine by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 2016.

If taking I-77 N, Well Doctor in Mooresville is a 17-minute, 9.3-mile drive to Zootastic Park.

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