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Well Doctor LLC : Your Well Water Professionals

Well drilling contractors have been around for a long time. Their work as providers of deep well-water is crucial for sustainable farming, ranching, and small businesses. Even the big cities like Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, Denver, CO, Big Spring, TX (just to name a few) need water wells drilling contractors to sustain their large populations.

And even though many of us are aware of these facts, it seems that many are unaware of the possible health hazards associated with deep well water.

It may sound surprising to some, but the reality is that the groundwater at deeper depths (like below 1,000 feet) can contain harmful contaminants which can make us sick. Allergies, Arthritis , Alzheimers Disease, Cerebral Palsy, and Leukemia are just a few examples of diseases linked to water well drilling in areas where contaminated groundwater exists.

As you might expect, most well drillers simply do not want their customers to know about this risk because it affects their revenue stream. They would rather keep quiet about potential health problems related to well contamination. That’s why even if they suspect that deep wells may contain contaminants, they will continue to drill deeper.

It’s also important to note that we all know that we should not drink untreated water from the reservoir of a community well system. Yet everyone wants to avoid this advice when talking about residential water wells, as if their deep well would somehow be different.

That is why you must always be mindful when choosing a well drilling contractor to work with! First, you must make sure that they are really trustworthy. You, as a client, could see to this by asking the right questions and inspecting their work before they leave your property.

For example, you can check if the company has a license to drill wells. By doing so,  you will be protecting yourself and your loved ones from contracting diseases. When checking for license make sure they are current, if not ask them to provide you with proof of renewal.

Make sure the company is bonded and insured. Ask for these documents to see exactly what your liabilities would be in case of any damage or injuries while drilling on your property.

You should also make sure that you are hiring a company with up-to-date equipment. If they use old, outdated machinery, it may damage your property and put your family in danger.

Lastly, before they start drilling, ask them what kind of quality control measures they have in place. This is very important because water well contamination is a serious issue that can be prevented.

By asking the right questions before signing any document, you will know just how much you should trust your potential drilling company and whether they are willing to share information with you as their client or if they have something to hide. If the latter is true, you should look for another option.

The Work’s Purpose and Nature

Drilling water wells is a method of extracting water from the earth’s surface. Agri-irrigation, commercial or industrial wells, and wells for residences that aren’t served by municipal water systems are all drilled. In many states, they keep track of the wells they drill and report their activities to the government.

Drillers usually recruit a workforce that includes well driller assistants, pump service rig operators, and pump service rig assistants. They set up a truck-mounted derrick or rig with the drill and other essential equipment. The drillers keep an eye on the drilling rig once it’s set up and ready to go.

Drillers line the well shaft with steel or plastic pipe when it enters the earth to keep the ground from sinking and dirty water from entering. To keep the bit cool, the drillers fill the shaft with fluid. As the drilling rig penetrates different layers of the earth, they may alter the drilling rig’s pressure or impact and vary the bit. Wearing or a broken cable can be spliced and repaired using welding and cutting tools by well drillers or their assistants. Broken or lost drill bits and pipe parts are sometimes recovered using specific fishing or retrieval gear.

They install a pump that is appropriate for the well’s depth, diameter, and capacity when drilling the well. To prevent the growth of bacteria, they sterilize the entire system. Finally, they turn on the pump and start pumping water up the system.

Drilling new wells isn’t always easy for water well drillers. They could set up a rig to resurrect or repair wells that have ceased to produce. They may also plug or cap deteriorated wells to prevent groundwater contamination.

Our Responsibility

You must never attempt to do any DIY or manual work on your water supply system. It’s very dangerous and could cause severe health problems for you, your family members, friends or even pets! That is why if anything goes wrong with the well- you must get in touch with a professional company.

As a homeowner, we should also always consider that the quality of groundwater deteriorates over time. As a result, those who use their own wells for drinking water should check their water quality on a regular basis. The water should be checked for coliform bacteria and nitrate at least once a year.

In the surface environment, coliform bacteria are prevalent, while they are uncommon in groundwater. Septic system effluent, lawn and garden fertilizers, and commercial fertilizer are all sources of nitrate. There are few natural sources of nitrate in groundwater. As a result, the presence of coliform bacteria or nitrate in well water suggests a channel from the surface to the aquifer, and it also implies that other contaminants may be present as a result.

By ensuring that septic drain fields are at least 30 meters (100 feet) away from the wellhead and that no chemicals are kept or misapplied in the vicinity, private well owners can considerably limit the danger of contamination of their wells.

If you’re in need of a well drilling contractor, there are many benefits to choosing Well Doctor LLC. We have the experience and expertise necessary for any job. You can also rest assured knowing that we always use high-quality materials so your water will be safe from contaminants such as bacteria or heavy metals. Plus, our work is guaranteed! So if something goes wrong with your installation, contact us at once and we’ll get it fixed ASAP. It doesn’t matter what kind of project you’re undertaking; call today and find out how we can help make things go smoother for you!

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