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What to Do When Well Stops Working

Did you wake up realizing there’s no water when you’re about to wash your face? If your water supply is connected to a well, the reason could be because the well is malfunctioning or has stopped working. This can be a stressful and inconvenient situation, but don’t worry – there are steps you can do to get your well running again.

When your well stops working, it is crucial to act fast. First, contact a licensed professional for diagnosis and repairs. An experienced well repair in Charlotte, NC can help determine the underlying cause of the problem and provide an effective solution. They may also suggest preventive maintenance procedures to prevent future breakdowns.

Well Doctor LLC offers 24-hour emergency repair to get your well water supply back and running whenever you need it. Our professionals are adept at identifying the cause of system failure, providing a solution that meets your needs and fixing the system as necessary.

Causes of a Well Pump Failure 

If you’re wondering what happened, there are a few things that might have caused your well pump to malfunction. Some homeowners can quickly diagnose the cause of the problem, but we advise calling a specialist to fix the issue.

Equipment Issues 

Well pump failure is most frequently caused by equipment issues. A well pump system is made up of numerous moving components, and any of these components may fail,making the entire system inoperable.

Modern drilled well systems must have a submersible pump, a check valve (and an additional valve every 100 feet), a pitless adaptor, a well cover, electrical cabling with a control box and pressure switch, and an interior water supply system. These are the fundamentals; extra fittings and cut-off switches are needed for system protection. Malfunctioning of any one component can result in well pump failure.

A well pump’s most common mechanical problems include broken impellers, failed check valves, corroded pipes, and fittings, misaligned electric cables, faulty wiring, or non-functional pressure switches. 

Electrical malfunctions include weakened motors, short circuits, loose connections, or incorrect voltage. All these malfunctions can be discovered and corrected only after careful inspection of the entire well system by an experienced professional in well repair in Charlotte, NC

An expert should first diagnose any problem with a drilled well pump before repairs are attempted. While some minor issues can be fixed without too much trouble, most require specialized tools, skills, and knowledge which only a professional like Well Doctor LLC has.

Aquifer Depletion & Groundwater Problems 

It may indicate aquifer depletion if you have flowing water first thing in the morning, lose it occasionally throughout the day, and then get it again when you get home from work. 

This is because the well recharge rate must be equal to the pump rate for the well pump system to function correctly. If the recharge rate is lower than the pump rate, the aquifer will not be able to sustain the system, and it will eventually fail.

Groundwater contamination can also cause well pump failure. Contamination usually occurs when hazardous materials reach or are introduced into a well water supply through an underground source such as a septic tank or cesspool. If your water becomes cloudy or has an unusual taste or odor, you should immediately contact a licensed professional to inspect it.

Well Doctor LLC can help you diagnose and repair any issues related to your well water supply. Contact us today for reliable service! We’re available 24 hours to address your emergency repair needs in Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas. 

Well Pump Wear & Tear 

In ideal construction conditions, a submersible pump should last up to 15 years. A pump, however, may fail considerably sooner than that, depending on the design of the well. 

For instance, there is a larger risk of failure for wells built with PVC pipe alone as opposed to steel casing and PVC, especially in Mt Pleasant, NC. PVC pipe is prone to breaks and cracks, and since a steel casing does not protect it, the soil around it can quickly deteriorate. The well pump may wear out more quickly if the local water is highly sedimented (sand, minerals, etc.). 

In addition, your well pump may prematurely fail as a result of any accident to the well, such as a car or truck hitting it or a piece of gravel falling into the well. This could result in a loss of water pressure or even a complete water supply. We advise routine preventative maintenance to avoid being caught off guard by these issues.

Diagnosing a Well Pump Failure

Here are some steps to help you identify the root cause of your well pump system failure so you can better understand what went wrong with your system.

Check the Power 

Check the circuit breaker linked to the well if there is a short in the system. After a storm, if your well pump won’t turn on, see if lightning has yet to strike the well. Your well’s circuit may have blown if there was a surge or short in the power. To test, restart the circuit breaker or replace the fuses.

Check the Tank Pressure 

To check the valve and read the pressure, locate the pressure gauge on your pressure tank. If the pressure is not between 30 and 50 or 40 and 60 psi, there is an issue with the electrical pressure switch.

Try closing the pressure control switch manually if you have trouble with your water pressure. This should activate the pump. If the pump still does not turn on after you close the switch, the pump is the source of the issue.

Check the Pipelines 

Examine the pipes and water supply for cracks, leaks, or breaks. The pressure switch may have gone wrong if you find problems with your lines. Generally, a malfunctioning pressure switch will need to be replaced by a professional.

Is Your Well Pump Not Working? We Can Help! 

Well Doctor LLC is here to help with all of your well repairs and maintenance needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us today! We offer 24-hour emergency repair services that can quickly get your well up and running again. 

Contact us now for reliable service!

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